Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dear Huffington Post,

The quality of your "reporting" has gone down (even further).  So far down, in fact, that you are using as a credible news source (a site dedicated to outing silicone butts and celebrity venereal diseases).  Classy.

Is there a middle-of-the-road online news source that still honors good journalism (where I can still learn about Charlie Sheen's blood type and weekend agenda)?


Examples of bad reporting:

Dead Baby Found In Bag of Student From Oprah Winfrey's School
Sure, Oprah started the school, but she didn't put the baby in the bag.  Sadly, if you leave her name out of it, this isn't really news.

Dead Body Attends Soccer Match  
He's dead.  He can't "attend" anything anymore. 

The Kardashians Explain Their Appeal 
What appeal?

Charlie Sheen Banned From New York Hotels?
I thought the news was supposed to answer questions, not ask them.  (Who, What, When, Where, Why, How?)

Was it always this bad?


  1. Agreed, she dumbed it down inorder to increase page views prior to a sale.

  2. Who is her audience now? I feel very out of place when I am redirected to a page with bad web design and worse grammar.

  3. Very one sided, twisted, mean spirited and sometimes non-factual reporting. AOL--wise--up--you are slipping and I am tired of the liberal media hype. I don;' even know what is true anymore. This is Huffington Post is so one sided it just annoys me.