Monday, September 13, 2010

Dear Lady Gaga,

Although you are obviously familiar with these people as inspiration for your boundary-pushing fashions, here are ten people who have done the "outrageous fashion" thing without trying so hard:

10.  Liberace

Correction: he tried to be flashy.  And he succeeded.  There wasn't a sequin or rhinestone in Las Vegas that was safe around this guy. 

9.  Tina Turner

Yeah, this was a movie costume.  But if you think that she wouldn't have worn this to church had the costume designer on the Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome set allowed it, you are mistaken.

8.  Cher

This woman helped make the glitter wig industry what it is today. 

7.  Labelle

Labelle took disco fashion + space uniforms and ran with it.  All the way to the Met.

6. Marilyn Manson

I have two words: man boobs.

5.  KISS

These guys have been Halloween costume inspiration for years.  All you need is black and white makeup and a steady hand. 

4.  David Bowie

He had so many stage personalities, they should name a psychological disorder after him.

FUN FACT: Manic Panic hair dye started in 1977. 

3.  GG Alin

GG's outrageous outfit?  Blood, excrement, and days (or weeks) of filth.  And sometimes, nothing else.

2.  Wendy O. Williams

With a body like that, wearing tape, shaving cream, and nipple clamps as an outfit is absolutely okay.

1.  Grace Jones

If you look in a dictionary under the word "fierce", you'll see her photo.  You think the outfit in the photo to the left is outrageous?  This is Grace Jones, I must remind you.  That was a typical Tuesday for her. 



  1. Don't forget Cloris Leachman!

  2. Gaga has cited Bowie and Jones as influences. And Marilyn Manson and KISS are both fans of hers.

  3. G.G. Allin? That was an unexpected person. He did wear boots and a chain around his neck when I saw him perform in San Diego.

  4. Where's Parliament Funkadelic?

  5. Oh, there were so so soooo many people I wanted to add to the list. Bjork and Parliament Funkadelic (Bootsy Collins, Peaches, Elton John, Karen O, etc.) were also on the list, but I had to narrow it down to 10 to fit in the allotted space. I must say, I did not think of Cloris Leachman. Good one.

  6. I don't really see the point you are trying to make. Could you elaborate on why or how these artists outfits are better than hers?
    All the pictures you posted are nice and fun, but I just don't understand their relevance. Sure they all wore interesting outfits, but none of them wore a meat-suit. It's a statement and by god it worked, I mean you're all talking about it so...
    And besides, the only artist you mentioned that can be considered shocking in their "outfit" would be the GG Alin guy. But I doubt there's over 300 million people buying his albums.
    Keep in mind that the whole point isn't about what they're wearing, it's also about WHO'S wearing it.

  7. Out of like 5000+ music artists in the last say 40 years.. 20 have been outrageous with their fashion sense..
    Including Gaga..
    So I dont see why this is addressed to her..

    Its no like she says that she is a pioneer in fashion forward-ness or whatever..

    Half of the people on the list have been an inspiration to Gaga..

    While growing up, you always have an idol, who you would like to be and follow, and Gaga had Bowie and Madonna (while Madonna had Monroe as hers) , and its true she wants to be like them.. So big deal..
    She is just living out her own dreams..

  8. Also, there are millions of people who have sung songs on stage before Lady Gaga was even born! Why does she bother?!

  9. But have any of them worn raw meat on national television?
    It's obvious that Gaga is trying way too hard, because that's just cruel and disgusting.
    Such a waste of life, it's just sad.
    Animals being killed, just to have someone wear them.

  10. Oh get over the meat. Just because you're insecure with animals being worn and eaten doesn't mean the rest of us want to hear it.

  11. The meat dress has totally been done before. I wonder if this artist is peeved about having been ripped off?